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Our Seas Our Future (OSOF) aims to protect New Zealand’s coastal and marine ecosystems through advocacy, education, and environmental stewardship, ensuring that they are managed sustainably and protected for future generations.

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  • The Colossal Squid – From the depths of the Southern Ocean

    The Colossal squid, Mesonychoteuthis hamiltoni, are mysterious and the largest of all the cephalopods. Predators of the deep with shredding beaks, rotating and serrated arm hooks, and basketball sized eyes with built-in lights.

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  • The Flying Mobula Rays

    Mobula rays make a habit of leaping out of the ocean in amazing acrobatic form, particularly when they gather in groups This behaviour is still poorly understood by scientists however possible reasons include communication, courtship, feeding, and even a behaviour to parasite removal.

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  • A better way forward

    In mid-July the Government announced a new $1.2 million initiative to create a facility in New Zealand capable of recycling soft plastics. Currently, plastic shopping bags and other soft plastics are not recyclable in NZ. That means nearly all of the 1.4 billion grocery bags used annually in our country end up in a landfill or worse, in our environment.

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  • Why plastic recycling isn’t the answer

    Recycling is a feel-good activity. Most of us do our best to make sure our plastic waste gets into the recycling bin and is therefore saved from entering our landfills. Right? Not always...

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  • Hidden Plastics

    Leading a plastic-free life – or making steps in that direction – doesn’t come easy. If you want to reduce your plastic consumption you have to do your homework: read labels, do research, ask questions, and take steps in the right direction.

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