OSOF welcomes Countdown decision on plastic bag phase-out.

Media release – October 04, 2017

Our Seas Our Future welcomes Countdown decision on plastic bag phase-out.

The decision today by Countdown to phase out single-use plastic bags at its supermarkets has been welcomed by the non-profit marine conservation organisation Our Seas Our Future (OSOF).

Countdown has made the honourable move to phase out single-use plastic bags by the end of 2018. OSOF are happy with the decision that Countdown has made and feel that this now makes Countdown an environmental leader with respect to plastic bags.

With 350 million fewer plastic bags to end up in our rubbish tips, this can only be seen as a positive. The phase-out will also reduce the number of plastic bags that enter our oceans, which harm marine animals. This decision is crucial for the conservation, protection and benefit of our coastal and marine environments.

OSOF will be supportive of other large supermarkets or chains if they choose to follow the leading example set by Countdown.


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