More Marine Reserves™

A social media campaign advocating for the establishment of more marine reserves in New Zealand.

Marine reserves are areas of the coastal and marine environment which are established to protect and conserve marine biodiversity. The ocean and shore in a marine reserve is protected from things like fishing, resource extraction, and habitat destruction. Marine reserves contain unique underwater scenery and features, and marine life of national and international significance.

Marine Reserves in New Zealand?

The Marine Reserves Act was passed in 1971, and in 1975 New Zealand’s first marine reserve was created at Cape Rodney/Okakari Point (also known as the Leigh or Goat Island Marine Reserve). Marine reserves currently provide the highest level of marine protection in New Zealand.

There are currently around 44 marine reserves in New Zealand’s territorial waters. However in terms of the area, we provide close to 0% protection for our oceans, and this needs to change fast. New Zealand has biologically rich and complex marine ecosystems. Our marine environment covers some 500 million hectares of ocean with more than 15,000 marine species found here. New Zealand also has the fourth largest largest Exclusive Economic Zone in the world.

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