Straw Free September™

Straw Free September™ is a social media campaign run by Our Seas Our Future to encourage businesses, and the general public to pledge stopping single-use straw use for a month, with a goal to adopt the change.

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Why Straw Free September?

Plastic straws always feature on the Ocean Conservancy’s top 10 most common items collected from beach cleanups.

It’s not only aesthetic. You may have seen the graphic video featuring a group of marine biologists in Costa Rica extracting a plastic straw from a sea turtle’s nostril. Straws also end up in the guts of pelagic birds, along with lots of other plastic bits they mistake for food. This is an issue that goes well beyond simple beach aesthetics.

You can help by joining the movement against single-use straws and pledging to stop using plastic straws from this September onwards.

What can you do to help?

  1. Register your Pledge below to go Straw-Free this September.
  2. Ask your bartender or waiter ‘no straw please’ with your drinks. This is a great way to get them thinking, and start a conversation with your friends as well.
  3.  Ask your favourite establishment to go Straw Free! There are alternatives they can offer such as metal straws, discounts when bringing your own straw in, or another biodegradable or compostable option!
  4. Take snaps at your favourite places who help reduce straw waste. We want to get to know them, and you! Make sure you hashtag #StrawFreeSeptember.
  5. Make it last! There are heaps of New Zealand companies selling alternative options such as metal ones you can carry round in your bag when on a night out. Bringing your own can make the change easier.
  6. Click here to download our brochure and other printable resources for your venue or event.

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