Downloadable Resources

Download and use any of our free resources to run or promote your event, or check out our list of external links to useful resources.

Adopt-a-Coast Resources

Adopt-a-Coast Brochure – Download our information brochure to see what is involved in adopting your coast.

Coastal Clean-up Resources

Waste Audit Data Sheet – A one page data collection sheet to help you record information on the types of waste found during a coastal clean-up.

Waste Conversion Table – A one page conversion table to help you convert estimated volume of trash to a weight value.

External Resources to Identify New Zealand Marine Species

The following resources link to external educational resources to help you identify and learn about the species found in New Zealand’s coastal and marine environment.

Marine Life Database – Find out more about the local marine animals and plants that live in your area using this database from the Marine Studies Centre.

Marine Identification Guides – A useful collection of identification guides and fact sheets from NIWA. Covers Sea Squirts, Sponges, Echinoderms, Coastal Crabs, Seagrass, and more.

New Zealand’s Marine Pest ID Guide -This guide from MPI contains the top 11 marine pest species that we don’t want in New Zealand.

Shellfish Identification Guide -This guide from Auckland City Council has information on some of the most common animals and plants found living in sheltered beaches, harbours and estuaries in Auckland’s Hauraki Gulf.

Shellfish Quick Guide – A one page quick visual guide to common shellfish found living in sheltered beaches, harbours and estuaries.

Bryozoans of Southern NZBryozoans of southern New Zealand: a field identification guide.

Handy guides to the common animals and plants living on the seashores of New Zealand, available for download from the Marine Studies Centre, University of Otago:

Northern New Zealand Rocky Shore Guide

Southern New Zealand Rocky Shore Guide

Northern New Zealand Sandy & Muddy Shore Guide

Southern New Zealand Sandy & Muddy Shore Guide

External Downloadable Resources

NZMSC Resources – A great collection of downloadable resources from the NZ Marine Studies Centre – includes teacher guides, identification and fact sheets, games and activities, all grouped according to the topics and programmes they support.

Community Shellfish Monitoring – Downloadable resources from the Auckland City Council to carry out community shellfish monitoring – includes teacher guides, identification and fact sheets, activities and more.