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Take action to help support our campaigns

Below is a list of all the ways you can support our campaigns at this time. This page is regularly updated, so please do keep coming back.

What can you do?


Join our local Volunteer Groups

Join our local groups to get involved in regional volunteer opportunities. You can also get in touch via email to discuss your interest.

OSOF Auckland Volunteers

OSOF Wellington Volunteers


Support our Events

See what public OSOF events are happening in your region, sign up and lend a helping hand.


Support our Submissions

No current submissions available.


Support our Petitions

Sign our Ban all Microbeads and Phase-out Single-use Plastic Bags in New Zealand petition.


Support our Social Media Campaigns – Ongoing action

Help us reach a wider audience with our campaigns and information. Support and share our social media campaigns:

More Marine Reserves™

Plastic Free New Zealand™

Sustainable Seafood Now™


Donate to OSOF – Ongoing action

Consider donating a few dollars to the OSOF initiative. All our projects are currently run by passionate volunteers, so all your donations will go towards running our projects and campaigns.


Want to collaborate with us?

Contact us to see how we can work together on projects.

Contact us

Want to find out more about our campaigns? Get in touch with the OSOF team through our Contact Us page.